Thursday, August 05, 2004

The collaborative "novel" T, L, and N and I wrote during working hours back at EB, called (ironically) "Take Pride in Your Work" because we wrote it on pink phone message notes that had that motto on them, still exists. T has been lamenting for years the fact that L left EB with that in her possession. We all sort of had a falling out with L so we thought it was gone forever. Lately, L has been working at EB in some sort of temporary/freelance capacity. Anyway, L interviewed with T for a permanent job and he managed to ask her about TPIYW. Guess what? She still has it!!! Unbelievable. She told T she would bring it in so he could photocopy it, although she said she wants to continue to keep the original (odd). He is absolutely ecstatic and so am I and so will N be.

Can't wait.


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