Wednesday, March 30, 2005

White Bleeding Heart and Friends

White Bleeding Heart and Friends
Originally uploaded by Rozanne.
Things are looking pretty good in the garden with all the rain we've had, so I thought it was high time I posted some more photos. The photo in the corner is of one of my favorite spring plants, white bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba'). Too bad my crap camera does not do it justice at all. I adore the way the little white hearts festoon themselves along the stems, bending them very slightly with their delicate weight. The plant to the left of the bleeding heart is an orange variety of wallflower, which is just getting started--it blooms from spring til frost and thrives on neglect. I give it an A+, although it looks like about a D- in the photo. Anyone want to buy me a decent camera? To the right is a mass of veronica 'Georgia Blue' and behind it is part of my woodland garden. Click here for a somewhat better photo of the woodland plants. I also snapped a photo of the coolest looking daffodil that has thus far appeared in my garden. It has a soft, peach-colored trumpet and creamy petals.

I still don't really know what all in the way of daffodils I've got, since everything I planted last year came from a bag of 50 mystery bulbs. About half are blooming and, just like a can of mixed nuts that is mostly peanuts, most of the bulbs that have bloomed so far are the unexciting standard yellow ones. I consider the peachy one to be equivalent to a pecan (there are never enough pecans for my liking in a can of nuts). Any double daffodils I get (and I hope I don't get even one) will be equivalent to hazelnuts. Both are abominations. Double daffodils remind me of star-nosed moles and hazelnuts remind me of rancid butter.

I was planning to move right on to an extended rant about taxes (and how I hate them), recounting frantic searches for missing documents and my mind-boggling ineptitude when it comes to preparing them or being unable to perform even the simplest arithmetic accurately and then getting myself into mountains of trouble, but, frankly, after spending a few hours rifling through boxes, folders, and file cabinets, and scanning checkbooks and bank statements, I cannot bear to think about it a second longer.


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