Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shameless Copycat Post

Originally uploaded by Rozanne.
I’ve never posted a current photo of myself, so I thought it was about time. As many have no doubt suspected, I am a stiff-upper-lip schoolmarm who rules her class with an iron rod. I’m also the Muslim world’s answer to the Barbie doll. Playing with me builds character!
OK. Not really. But these are just two of the rather surprising images that came up when I did a Yahoo image search on the name “Rozanne.”

I must give credit where credit is due. This brilliant new way of wasting time was not my own idea. I got it from Nancy by way of Alda. Nancy typed the names of her favorite bloggers into the Google image search engine, with hilarious results. I had to try it--and copy it. But in an effort to be just a tiny bit original, I am using Yahoo instead of Google. Also, since I don’t have “favorite” bloggers—I love every one the exact same amount—all the people who happened to comment on yesterday’s post get to be featured. I hope you all have senses of humor!*


Diana (Diana, before you blow a gasket, please understand that this is the “top puppy of 1999” [and a female, despite appearances to the contrary]. She’s also Johnny Depp’s co-star in The Libertine, where she “was well well admired by all the people there, but the peacocks were in grave danger.”)



Shelley (Doesn’t this capture the experience of studying for the bar exam perfectly?)

Teri (It was really hard to find a non-pornographic image of Teri. Why should that be, I wonder? Look at the ramrod posture. And what’s with the cell phone? You’re going to take calls in the middle of the half-time show? Forsooth!)

Alda (I know you’ve already been “done” but I didn't want to leave you out. Be thankful I didn't choose a photo of Alan Alda.)

*If anyone doesn’t want her name associated with the image I found, I will gladly remove it. It’s all meant in fun, but I certainly don’t want to offend anyone.


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