Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Sword Fern Fiddleheads
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Spring is truly lovely in Portland, especially when it’s not raining. We lucked out for my sister and brother-in-law’s visit and had five days of nonstop, balls-out sunshine, which showed off the spring flowers and greenery to full advantage. It also allowed us to get in about 25 miles of hiking and city hill walking, which I’m hoping will help offset all the snarfing and imbibing of gratuitous calories I did while they were here.

I’m not in the mood to recap the whole visit, but click here, here, and here to view some cool photos taken by G, my gem of a brother-in-law, a professional photographer who is never without his camera. Let me elaborate just briefly on what I mean by “gem.” Get this. G’s gift to my sister was their plane tickets to Portland. However, on her actual birthday he decided that she needed something to unwrap, so while Sis and I were off on a supremely successful for her and depressingly unsuccessful for me clothes-shopping foray, he bought her a hip-and-stylish messenger bag, a hip-and-stylish T-shirt, and some retro letterpress stationery. He met up with us in a clothing boutique and while my sister was briefly distracted by a display of over-the-knee socks, he whipped out his credit card and paid for all her purchases (totaling several hundred dollars). (I don’t think a guy has ever spent more than forty bucks on a birthday present for me. Harumph!)

I must say I was flabbergasted by his generosity especially since he’s not and never will be a member of the heavy-wallet brigade. His salary is modest. And that’s not all. He and my sister have been married for 3 years and together for 10 and he still always treats her with the most incredible consideration—opening doors for her, carrying parcels, paying all the bills—the full chivalric package. Dare I say it? I’m a smidge envious. But she totally deserves G. Until she met him, she’d dated and (even lived with) an assortment of shitheels, scam artists, penny-pinchers, goldbrickers, sponges, cheaters, and louses. I’m glad she finally found someone as thoughtful, sweet, and caring as G.


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