Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Horse Latitudes

I haven’t been terribly inspired to blog lately (as you may have noticed). I’m never sure if I should just “force” myself to post something shoddy and slapdash or just let my blog drift—as if it were stranded in the Horse Latitudes—until I feel like I have the time and inspiration to write something worthwhile. I have opted for the former today.

It’s not that there isn’t anything going on in my life, rather it’s that there’s too much and I’m just not able to sort out much time for “quality” blogging. I’m sure everyone can relate.

I’m sitting out on my patio writing this. It’s distinctly unsummery. Low, heavy clouds have been threatening rain all day and the temperature is about 60 degrees. It's exceedingly bleak and unmotivating. I’m still thinking, however, that I’ll get on my bike and ride to yoga in about 10 minutes. I’ve not been on the bike once in 2006. What a disgrace.


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