Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lord Harry Potter of the Rings

B just told me that there’s a movie called Lord Harry Potter of the Rings that's 20 hours long. He let me drone on and theorize for a couple of minutes about how I was sure it would be pretty popular because the Harry Potter fan base overlaps a lot with the Lord of the Rings fan base, but that for me seeing the movie would be akin to torture (slow death by boredom). Then he laughed and told me the movie does not exist (not yet anyway). He just made it up.

Is your reaction one of disappointment or relief?

I read part of the first Harry Potter book, but never finished it. I watched the first Lord of the Rings movie (fast forwarding through much of it) and the first Harry Potter movie, which so failed to engage me that I got up and loitered for ten minutes or so at the concession stand just to kill some time. Watching popcorn pop was more interesting than watching that interminable broomstick game.

Is there something wrong with me? So many of my friends absolutely love Harry Potter and LOTR (and I respect their opinions), and, I’d wager, would gladly wait in line for hours to see Lord Harry Potter of the Rings, should anyone ever make it (and I think it’s only a matter of time). But, honestly, I just cannot see the appeal at all.


Two posts in one day? What's up with that? I'm in training for NaBloPoMo, that's what!


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