Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Civilization and Beer

Early Evening Glow

If I wasn't teetering on the edge of having a migraine and not having one right now, I'd post in some detail about the great weekend I had and how I befriended some lost tourists "hiking" in the wilds of the Tualatin Mountains* and led them back (about a half mile or so) to civilization and beer. To thank me, they insisted on buying me a beer at the New Old Lompoc,** which I gladly accepted. After they got a little bit squiffy (it didn't take much), they even invited me to dinner at their hostel, which I sadly had to decline owing to the fact that B was stuck at home with a wretched cold and was in need of a fresh box of tissues. I'd been dispatched to get those tissues, and I'd been gone several hours beyond my ETA at home. Oops.

Day 293/366: I Love Where I Live

I might also write about the glorious solo hike I took on Sunday, and how many times*** I found myself giving thanks for whatever turns and twists of fate have made it possible for me to live in Portland, Oregon, but instead, I'll just take the easy way out. Look at the slideshow.
*Otherwise known as the West Hills near the Pittock Mansion.
**They had a seasonal fresh hop ale on tap, so I had that (if you must know)--crisp, refreshing, and delicious.
***At least a hundred.

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