Monday, September 07, 2009

On the Plus Side

Day 14/365: Sunrise--As Seen from the Back Garden

Getting used to working in an office again--after being self-employed and working from home for 12 years--is a huge adjustment. I really can't say how well it's going. I just don't have enough perspective to make any judgments yet. One plus, though, was that I was up early enough to see this glorious sunrise on Friday.

I decided to start Project 365* again. It reminds me to be cognizant of my surroundings and helps prevent me from thinking about work all the time. It also is a great way to make sure I get out for a walk every day, so I can get some exercise and appreciate all the weird and wonderful things Portland has to offer. I've even found some weird (though not wonderful) things in the icky suburb where I now work. Who knew?

*Project 365 is a photo-a-day project on Flickr.

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