Wednesday, August 11, 2004

New Rule

No more whining about work. Boring and unattractive and completely counter to my goal of using this blog as a place to try to get myself to write interestingly and more creatively.

No doubt the rule will be broken from time to time.

So yesterday evening PF and I went to the Cracked Pots garden show at Edgefield. What a fabulous setting for the show. The various pieces of art were set up throughout Edgefield's extensive gardens and people wandered through beer or wine in hand. Yet another example of Portland's high quality of life. I notice that whenever I designate something as fitting the Portland high quality of life category it usually involves being able to drink beer or wine in a setting where it would not be allowed in Chicago.

All the art was made out of materials that had been recycled or reclaimed from the "waste stream." I found rusty trellises of various types to be the most intriguing. I can't really envision on the spur of the moment how I would use such a thing, but I took a card for future reference. The prices were reasonable, too.

One of the coolest things about the show was finding out that there are more gardens than I had realized at Edgefield. An area I had written off as a "golf course" turns out to be basically a sort of amateur putting green and is surrounded by gardens plus a little shed with a roof that is seemingly made of roses, clematis, and blackberries. And guess what? If you go in that shed, you can buy beer and wine? Had we discovered that earlier, we'd have been strolling around with beer.

As it turns out we had planned to eat there, so after a bit we went into the Power House Pub and had some beer and I talked PF into splitting an order of Tater Tots™. It wasn't hard to do. Darn tasty they were too.


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