Friday, October 01, 2004

Mt. St. Helens Reconnaissance

Mt. St.Helens is sorta kinda visible from the playing fields behind the school kitty-corner from our house. When B heard that there had been an explosion of steam and ash early this PM, we dropped everything and traipsed over to the school. Today, though we couldn’t see the mountain. Bummer.

Not to be deterred, we jumped in the car and headed to the parking lot of the long-defunct Burger Island Drive-In. From there we had a fabulous, unimpeded view of the volcano--better than the vaunted view from Powell Butte! I should note, however, that our surroundings were unappealing bordering on unsavory, with a tittie bar to our left, the derelict drive-in to our right, and a rather unlovely stretch of Portland Blvd. in front of us.

Frick!!!! We were too late. Since most of what Mt. St. Helens coughed up was steam, it dissipated very quickly apparently. But vulcanologists are saying she may belch again. Next time we’ll be ready.


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