Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Autumnal Palette

Red Maple Leaves on the Ground

Orange Maple Leaves on the Ground

Ginkgo Leaves on the Ground

As a change of pace from the mushroom fixation, here’s another one of my obsessions: Fall color! All these photos were snapped as I rode my bike down to my bank this afternoon. I’m feeling rather inescapably in the grip of my obsessions this week. Don’t know why. I checked my horoscope to see if that could “explain” anything, but it just suggested that I think seriously about wearing a butterfly costume in nine shades of blue for Halloween. Hmmm. Although I do notice that the blue butterfly horoscope is for the week of October 27, which doesn’t start until tomorrow. Is that allowed? To work ahead like that? It seems suspect. If only I could get my hands on the horoscope that covered last week, all might become clear.

Actually, I don’t put a lot of stock in astrology, but checking one’s horoscope is always good for wasting a few minutes of time when one doesn’t feel like working. Not that I ever waste time or don’t feel like working. Anyway, I don’t seem to have a blog entry in me today. Why don’t I just post some more photos of the incredibly luminous trees I saw on my way to the bank? OK, I will.

Maple Leaves (Red)

Maple Leaves (Orange)

Ginkgo Leaves (Yellow)

Hey, I just found the horoscope archive. And here’s the ‘scope for October 20 through today—the time period during which I've been allowing myself to be almost entirely governed by my obsession with wild mushrooms.

It's high time for you to lose control--in the most constructive way possible, please. You can no longer afford to be as tightly wound as you've been lately. To get yourself in the mood for breakthroughs that will prevent breakdowns, consider carrying out some of the following acts. Fingerpaint on your TV screen. Dance on your bed, imitating a black bear that has drunk a bottle of vodka. Ask an intimate friend to use lipstick to write "I am inscrutable" on your belly. Have dinner with a person who makes you uncomfortable in an interesting way. Buy a bull penis walking stick at and use it on a stroll to the corner store. Write candid confessional letters to people from whom you've been hiding an important truth, but don't mail the letters.

That sure doesn’t sound like any Virgo I’ve ever met (least of all me), although it could be argued that in a way I did lose control last week, skipping my Saturday cleaning chores to go on a fungus foray that lasted from dawn til dusk. Whether I lost control “in the most constructive way possible” I cannot say. But how, I would like to know, is buying a bull penis walking stick a constructive thing to do? I do believe this astrology guy might have a bit of a leak in the ol’ think tank. (She says in her most Virgoish and disapproving voice.)


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