Monday, November 28, 2005

Opportunity to Be Deceived

The message below (purportedly from the Highlands of Scotland) showed up in my blog’s In Box a few hours ago. It’s easily the most unusual e-mail I’ve gotten in response to a blog entry. What am I to make of it?

Hi rozanne its XXXX here in the highlands of scotland HELLO! i was browsing the net looking for a picture of a amethyst deciever and found your wonderfull picture. I run a wildfood business and the one mushroom we never sell is the ametyhsts as they r the most amazing magical fungi each time u eat one they seem to taste completely different like a new exotic meat every time. I read that u would like the chance to eat more wild mushrooms and thought it would be a nice gesture to send u some dried. I like giving mushrooms to people who appreciate them. my e-mail is i look forward to hearing from u

Hmmmm. I should mention that the name given in the body of the message is totally different from the sender's name. Not that that necessarily means it's a weird fungusy SPAM/SCAM.


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