Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weary, Bleary, and Dreary

I’ve been working 12–14-hour days since last Sunday. I’m not used to it, and things are sort of going straight to hell around here.

Exempli gratia:

1. The tune “I Am Easily Assimilated” from the operetta Candide keeps running through my head, but I’ve changed the title to “I Am Very Highly Caffeinated.” Clever, no?

2. If I had time, I might write a blog entry about that meeting last week. Actually, it’s probably best that I don’t, but let me just say that it wasn’t even remotely what I was expecting. Here’s a tidbit: Only about 25 minutes of the five-hour meeting were devoted to talking about the upcoming project. At some point while we were driving to a restaurant there was serious talk of stopping to go shopping—for a Utilikilt.* And we totally would have, if the shop hadn’t moved. We were cruising around looking for it in earnest. Is this normal? Is this what people who work for large, moneyed companies do when they go to out-of-town meetings? Just fuck around, shopping and eating? I really wouldn’t know. I’m going to stop short of saying they wasted my time, as the project they’ve offered me pays very well and will be quite a feather in my cap. But. WTF?

3. Grass = Weed. I’m talking about the kind of grass that grows in lawns (not marihoochie). I cannot believe how much grass has invaded the garden beds where I need to plant tomatoes. It’s frickin’ a foot tall, and I have no time to do anything about it. Meanwhile it will continue its hostile takeover as I look on helplessly.

Feel sorry for me. No, don’t. Despite being worn out, some exciting things are transpiring on the career front, but it’s not stuff I can blog about.

*If you have time, check out the top 100 reasons to wear a kilt. Hilarious.



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