Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Save Oregon

I'm not so great at political blogging, so I'll let this video I made speak about my love for Oregon's rare and varied beauty.

Land this beautiful is worth protecting, so I'm doing everything I can to support the passage of Measure 49.

Having moved here from Chicago, I've seen the soul-destroying horror of unrestrained, unplanned, unsustainable development and suburban sprawl and the loss (forever) of prime farmland.

Oregon will face the same horror if Measure 49 fails. Good-bye to Wine Country, good-bye to the fruitful orchards of the Hood River Valley, good-bye to much of the public's access to the beaches on the Coast, good-bye lush forests. Hello to strip malls, hello to massive housing developments in areas without adequate water supplies to support them, hello to more clear-cuts and polluted rivers, and hello to a pumice mine and housing development in the middle of a national monument. I've been having nightmares about all this--seriously! That's why I've even ventured far out of my comfort zone to work the phone banks for the Yes on 49 campaign and to urge my fellow Oregonians to vote Yes on 49 and to do what I can to clarify the misleading claims presented by the opposition.

Oregonians, please vote "Yes" on Measure 49 to save Oregon's farms, forests, coast, and wilderness from inappropriate commercial and industrial development. More information here.

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