Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Love Clarity

I Love Clarity
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One inch of snow is enough to almost shut down Portland completely and to trigger 24/7 weather coverage on local TV stations.

But I, being of hearty Midwestern stock, bundled up and went out for a walk. After all, I've gone out for a walk every day for the past 348 days, so I'm not going to let subfreezing temps, snow, and gusty winds screw up my record.

The best thing I saw today was this car. I was all ready to take a photo of it when a guy who looked like Dennis Hopper (Apocalypse Now phase) stepped out of a nearby house and said something to me. I prefer not to be observed when taking photos (I don't know why), so I felt that I had to somehow explain myself and that I'd better get Dennis's "permission," even though I didn't know if it was even his car.

He told me to "go for it," so I did. Then I asked him if "Clarity" referred to a person named Clarity or the concept. He said it could be either, and then went to get a case of beer out of another car. He wasn't wearing a coat or a hat, but he did have a head band on.

Anyway, this snow scrawl is pretty good, but not nearly as hilariously juvenile as the one I saw the last time we had a big snow.

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