Thursday, August 12, 2004

Perseid Failure

So last night B and I headed out to Rooster Rock State Park to be wowed by the Perseid meteor shower. We went last year, and saw quite a few "shooting stars." It was crowded, too.

Heading out we stopped at Stop & Save (or whatever it is called) and B bought a bag of Lays BBQ potato chips, which we really didn't need. We arrived and there was no line of cars to get into the park. Hmmm. That seemed weird to us.

In the parking lot by the river, there were only a few cars and since the sun had recently set most people seemed to be on their way out. We didn't see any folks w. telescopes nor--the biggest clue--were the folks from the Rose City Astronomy Society anywhere to be seen.

Nevertheless, we set up our blanket and snarfed down the bag of chips. BTW: Lays BBQ potato chips are among the worst of their breed. Somehow that didn't stop me from eating them, though.

We scanned the skies and saw what I like to think were some satellites but they might have just been planes flying at high altitude. I saw one meteor. B saw none. At about 10 we gave up and left. A bust, more or less, but we did get out of our hot house, although I kind of wish we would have taken a walk and not eaten those chips.

One cool thing--we saw a skunk! It crept up from the rocks and peered at us a couple of times. It was cute. I don't think I've ever seen one (alive, that is).


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