Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wildflower Meadow Near Mt. Hood

Originally uploaded by Rozanne.
I'm too tired and shagged out to produce much of a blog entry today. Instead, here's a photo I took while hiking the McNeil Point trail near Mt. Hood in August (click for a larger view). I'd like to be there right now.

On the DHL front: One place the package isn't is Cincinnati. In two days that's all they've managed to find out? The person I talked to today speculated that the package might possibly be languishing in Brussels, being poked at and puzzled over by a bunch of Walloons.

I've nearly accepted the possibility that I might have to do all the work over again, but I'm trying to think about other things until I get a definitive answer. I'm off to a restorative yoga class now. I definitely need to be restored.


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