Thursday, May 19, 2005

Roses and Raindrops

Big Pink
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My poor roses! They are taking such a beating from the raindrops. Even the largest rose bush in all of Portland (pictured here in happier, less rainy, days) is losing its battle to stay upright and ornamental in the face of unprecedented precipitatory might. The only reason its waterlogged, blossom-laden eight-foot tall branches haven't flopped to the ground is because of desperate measures I've taken that involve the ingenious use of monofilament fishing line and tent stakes.

So even though the bush hasn't lain down and died, it is looking pretty shell-shocked. The blossoms are so thoroughly soaked they're rotting and turning brown before they can even open fully. Sad.

I guess after 3.5 years of living here and telling everyone from the Midwest that it wasn't really any rainier out here than it is in the Midwest, I now see what more seasoned Oregonians have been telling me all along: I do indeed live in Puddletown. But that's OK. I like rain. And even though Big Pink looks like H-E-Double-Toothpicks this year, looking at the big picture it means we might not have drought conditions this summer, which means fewer of our forests are likely to burn up-- and I'm very much in favor of forests not burning up.

Since this has got to be one of my most hum-drum posts ever, to enliven it a bit I will direct your attention to the Ting Ting, which you must try if you want to release the body's own natural 'feel-good' chemicals and eliminate headaches on the spot. Or if for some reason that fails to appeal, why not order the Portable Infrared Sauna? Take it anywhere; I'm sure no one will stare.


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