Friday, July 15, 2005

Flashback to the '80s

Per Random and Odd by way of LeLo in NoPo, today is Stuff Portrait Friday and today’s three-part photo assignment is:

#1: A picture of you from the 80s
Guffaw circa 1989

Here I am--mid-guffaw--goofing off at my first job, circa 1989. Note the Madonna-style hoop earrings and the perm! Some things change: I ditched the perm. Some things don’t: My desk is still utter chaos.

#2: Something from the 80s you can't let go of
Brown Cardy

That would have to be this unflattering brown cardigan, a “oh no it’s her birthday and I forgot to get her a present and we’re stuck in rural Nova Scotia so I'll just leave her at the side of the road and drive til I find a gift shop and then buy her the first thing I see” birthday present purchased by the Dumb Dummkopf (creepy passive-aggressive ex-boyfriend), in the (apparently for me) landmark year of 1989. Reasons I still have it: 1) It’s unbelievably warm. 2) It’s made of 100% virgin wool from sheep born and bred in Nova Scotia. 3) It was hand knit by a Nova Scotian using a traditional Nova Scotian pattern. 4) I’m too lazy to find a comparable replacement. Reasons I should get rid of it: 1) It was a gift from the Dumb Dummkopf for crissake! Why would I want to be reminded of him? 2) It’s brown, possibly my least favorite color. 3) It is not stylish. 4) It has some holes in the cuffs--albeit fairly discreet and easy to miss among all that brown.

#3: A CD or movie you have from the 80s
Yo-Yo Rah! Rah!

This is my beloved recording of the Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites performed by the one-and-only Yo-Yo Ma.* I never get tired of listening to these. Sidenote: If you ever get a chance to see (and hear!) Yo-Yo in person—go. I’ve been to a lot of classical music performances in my life and never have I seen a musician play with such obvious joy and with such an incredible understanding of the music. Yo-Yo, rah-rah!

*I’m probably not following the rules to the letter with this one. I bought the CD in the ‘90s, but it was recorded in 1983, so I think that counts. I can’t, in fact, post a photo of any of the potentially embarrassing CDs I had in the ‘80s, because they were all stolen—every single one of them. That was a sad day.


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