Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Clowns Check In

In my last post, I announced that there would be no more mention of the Alberta Clown House for at least a week. But how was I to know that Dingo, Pepto, Servo, and the illustrious Chlorine Enema Jones would stop by my “stupid blog” and share with us “plain faces” their views on gentrification and the clown house’s mission?

I’m very glad they did. And they did so with humor and humility. And--yay!--they are going to be able to hang on to the clown house after all (at a much higher rent, sadly), thereby throwing a huge tall-bike-shaped monkey wrench into any developer’s plans to turn the clown house into a mega-Starbucks (or similar). I officially retract my labeling of the clown house as an “eye sore.” That was wrong. Very wrong. Check out what the clowns have to say here (click on the comments link).


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