Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Panting at the Finish Line

Candle Blown Out
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I did it! I finished my nonNaNoWriMo novel and the candle held out til the bitter end. Whoo Hoo! And panting right along with me are Diana and Julie who also made it all the way to THE END. Congrats! (And Congrats to B who finished yesterday!)

Some stats:
Time at which I typed “The End”: 9:59 PM PST
Number of characters killed off: 4
Number of words written tonight: 3,725
Final Word Count: 51,624

I feel pretty good about the whole thing, to tell you the truth. I’m always quite pleased when I find a way to trick myself into finishing an overwhelming project.

Exhaustive post mortem and evaluation to come tomorrow.

I’m sure everyone will look forward to that.


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