Thursday, July 13, 2006

Navel Gazing with a Scanning Electron Microscope

Diana of Piffle did this day-in-the-life thing and then Diana of Diaphanous talked about it on her blog, and pointed me here. I guess originally it came from Paper Napkin. I thought it would be interesting (to me anyway) to find out what I get up to (if anything) all day long.

Here's today.

5:05 AM. Roll out of bed unable to sleep because of covert mosquito and/or spider attack during the night. I now have very itchy bites on every limb of my body. It’s a good two or three hours before I would normally get up. Rusty the kitty is, of course, alert and raring to start his day. He can’t believe his luck. I feed give him a hearty bowl of Friskies Sliced with Beef and Gravy. Yeah, that’s what it’s called. Not Sliced Beef with Gravy. Sliced [Unspecified] with Beef and Gravy.

5:27 AM Commute downstairs to my office. Feel slightly disgusted at the sight of the 12 or so books stacked on my desk and strewn around its perimeter where I left them when I knocked off work yesterday. What happened to my plan to put everything away at the end of the day? Sample titles: Made You Laugh: The Funniest Moments in Radio, Television, Stand-Up, and Movie Comedy; Classic Sitcoms; and The Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book. All work-related. I’m working on a fun project at the moment.

6:55 AM Download (with some trepidation) Windows Media Player (something I’ve been avoiding for years) and hope it doesn’t screw up my computer (a Mac). It has to be done. I need to watch a video clip from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

7:00 AM. So far so good. Mary doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with “making the news in a more entertainingly way.” Hee, hee. I love that show. Time to pick some blueberries for breakfast.

9:15 AM. Take a short break to have a snack of some of the Lapin cherries I picked last Sunday at a family farm in Hood River. So good! Go outside to water some of the potted plants. The rain barrel has been partially recharged by yesterday’s unseasonal rain.

11:56 AM. Getting a lot done workwise, which is always gratifying. I’m going to head out to the grocery store. I don’t normally shop in the middle of the day, but I cannot live by fruit alone and that’s about all there is in the house. I might have to get a Vietnamese iced coffee as long as I’m out. And if I do, that will make it two days running that I’ve demonstrated absolutely no willpower at all. Buzzzzzzzzzzz!

1:36 PM. Back at my desk. With Vietnamese iced coffee. I stopped at a new Vietnamese restaurant—one where I am not known. The coffee’s less sweet, which if fine, but it’s not as strong. Not fine. Bad. It’s an unsettled day. Dramatic, frothy cumulonimbus clouds.

2:21 PM. Clean up furball hacked up by Rusty moments ago. Poor little guy. Or big guy, I should say, he weighs 20+ pounds.

2: 25 PM. I could do with a change of venue. It’s a nice(ish) day, which is to say it’s not broiling hot, so I’m going to take my laptop outside and work on the patio. The perks of being self-employed.

4:39 PM. Just finished a draft of the assignment I’ve been working on all week. Whooo hoo!!!!! Time flies when you’re being productive. Off now to get my hair cut and highlighted. It looks absolutely wretched, all faded out and shapeless. It's been eight weeks since it was last done. Blech!

6:28 PM. At the Salon. (Homage to LeLo.)

8:47 PM Have been back home for about 20 minutes. B says my hair looks nice. He's busy making granola. I'm ready to turn off the computer; do some knitting; listen to some of the Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant, and Karl Pilkington (AKA the funniest man in Britain) podcasts; and laugh my arse off.


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