Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Post About Toast

Tuesday is yoga night for me. It’s always tricky to figure out what to have for dinner on yoga night. As my friend and former yoga teacher, David C. Wreath,* once warned, “It's not a good idea to have a big pile of curried lentils right before yoga.” Agreed. Who hasn't been in a yoga class where someone farted? What are you supposed to do when someone in your vicinity poots? I always stare straight ahead and pretend I didn't hear/smell anything, while fervently hoping that no one thinks that I was the person who let one rip!

The trick is to eat early enough that you’re not attempting to digest while in the midst of, say, halasana, but late enough that by the time you get to savasana you don’t spend it mentally cataloging all your favorite foods and thinking about what you’re going to eat the moment you get home. I rarely get the timing right, usually erring on the too early side and thus ending up with visions of cheeseburgers, brownies, and spicy tuna maki dancing through my head instead of focusing on my breathing and "letting...go...of...all...effort."

I don’t think David C. Wreath would approve of what I ate for dinner tonight: two slices of buttered toast made with this uber-dense bread from Trader Joe’s that’s packed with flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and (possibly) birdseed (very European and yummy, though) and a slice of home-baked oatmeal bread (also uber-dense, toasted, and buttered). I also had a red Comice pear (with a withered leaf still attached to it!) that would probably have gotten the David C. Wreath stamp of approval. But the butter-soaked toast? I think not. I love it, though, and if I didn’t exert some sort of discipline over myself from time to time, I’d eat toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And as a snack.

*Not his real name. “David C. Wreath” is the festive holiday moniker that my gym/health club in Chicago bestowed on him (and all other instructors) for the month of December. I love that they included that tantalizing middle initial. What could it possibly stand for? Christmas? Chanukkah? Comet? Cupid? Christ? Candycane?

Today’s Random NaBloPoMo blog: Momopeche, go!


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