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Black Boss Porter
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Or should I say birramisu? Anyway, I just made some, and it’s at this very moment chilling in the fridge. It’s basically regular old tiramisù, but you soak the ladyfingers in a mixture of porter and strong coffee. Oddly, I thought that sounded like a good idea, or maybe I just liked the idea of making something called beeramisu. It’s hard to tell with me sometimes.

B picked up the porter for me. I’m sure he got it because our old cat (RIP) was named the Boss. Turns out the porter is from Poland and is 9.4% alcohol. The recipe only called for 3/4 cup of porter, so I’m drinking the rest. I expect to be a bit squiffy by the time I finish it.

Porter isn’t a style of ale I ever drink. It’s sweet and caramelly, which normally I don’t care for, although I’m managing to choke it down. Just. Heaven forbid I should waste beer! Sweet and caramelly, however, is probably a good thing if you’re going to go around putting beer in a dessert.

By the way, the recipe is here. As per usual when I’m cooking, I made a few substitutions. I couldn’t find ladyfingers (what the hell are they anyway?), so I used biscotti, which seem to me far more authentically Italian than ladyfingers, which sound like something Miss Marple would have at afternoon tea.

Anyway, the beeramisu needs to chill for a few hours, so I won’t know until tomorrow if I’ve created the most heavenly dessert on Earth or the most hellish.

Fortunately, if it does turn out to be hellish, I’ve got a back-up.

Fat Boys

Total impulse buy. I knew I was going to make beeramisu, and yet I was powerless to resist these things when I saw them in the freezer case. First of all, the brand name: Fat Boy! I find their candor about their product refreshing. Plus, who ever heard of Fat Boy brand? I’m drawn to obscure brands for some reason. Also, eggnog. I loves me some nog! And then there’s the panic-triggering “Limited Edition” label. What if the next time I go to the store they don’t have them? Better play it safe and buy them now.

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