Saturday, November 04, 2006

Okeley Dokely!

I knew if I waited long enough today, I could get out of doing fall garden clean-up. And, sure enough, that prediction of 100% chance of rain came through for me. It is coming down in buckets, barrels, and casks. Highly satisfactory. I love rain, so it’s a good job I live in Portland. In fact, sometimes I wish it would rain even more than it does. Like I really wish it would rain a few times in the summer. Everything gets so parched and desiccated.

One of my favorite things to do when it rains is to monitor the end of our driveway. A big puddle forms there, and I like to watch it expand and start flowing like a river. Right now it’s about three and a half feet across and floats an assortment of yellow and orange maple leaves. It’s quite lovely, really.

It’s weird how rain affects me. If it’s a workday, it almost always makes me more productive, despite my taking breaks to check on the puddle (I’m not kidding; I do make a point of checking it!). If it’s a weekend, I don’t feel as pressured to get shit done or to be doing something outside. If the weather’s nice I always feel that it’s tantamount to a crime to stay in the house. I feel I should be outside gardening or hiking—moving not sitting. And as much as I love hiking (and I do love it enormously), it’s nice sometimes to feel that it is OK to do indoors things like knitting, baking, writing, and reading—all of which are on the agenda for this exceedingly rainy weekend! “Bad” weather (e.g., rain) lets me off the hook and gives me permission to spend all day in the house puttering.

Another project that’s been languishing because of good weather (among other things) is my Keep Portland Weird photo series. I’ve taken a number of great weird photos, but so far I haven’t gathered them all together into a Keep Portland Weird Flickr set. And I haven’t posted one on my blog in a while either. Unforgiveable! Let me remedy that right now.

Okeley Dokely!

Okeley dokely! Whoever added that D to NE Flanders St.—I love your sense of humor and I love that it was important to you to bring a smile to the faces of passing pedestrians and cyclists.* I also admire this person’s commitment to his or her idea. That is one pretty ding-dong tall sign, and I don’t think street sign embellishment is the kind of thing you just decide to do on a whim. Who just happens to be carrying around an indelible marking pen that's the color of the lettering of Portland street signs? Also, unless that person had exceptional upper-body strength and could shimmy up to the top of the sign, I think the operation probably required setting up a ladder. So whoever it was who came up with the idea took the trouble to follow through with it and obtain the materials necessary to do the job right. Well done!

*I don't think anyone whizzing down the street in a car is going to see, much less get, the joke.

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