Tuesday, November 21, 2006

True or False?

Sort of in the spirit of PostSecret, I’m going to from time to time* post a secret (or a lie) about myself. You get to guess whether it’s fact or fiction. Won’t that be fun? (Props to Liz for coming up with this super-clever NaBloPoMo bailout.)

Today’s secret or lie.


I am a fan of the flugelhorn and own not only Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione but Children of Sanchez as well—on vinyl!

Speaking of Chuck Mangione—is Harvey Keitel’s pimp character in Taxi Driver modeled after Chuck Mangione or was it the other way around? I mean, the similarities are remarkable.

Harv the Pimp

Chuck in a Chair

That is, for the remainder of November whenever this blogging every day thing gets the better of me.

Today’s Random NaBloPoMo blog: hello my name is: lindsay


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