Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yeah, Quit It!

Yeah, Quit It!
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I was having major trouble focusing today so, disgusted with myself, I created this primitive-looking poster and taped it to the wall in front of my desk in the vain hope that it would make me buckle down and stay on task. Of course, what was I doing but fucking around by spending the time to create it in the first place?

Somehow between the fact that my clients have already thrown in the towel for the year and gone off on vacation and that fact that the project I’m currently working on isn’t due until next year, it's hard to feel any sense of urgency.

But at least it looked like I’m being productive. Get a load of the academic-looking mess surrounding my desk!

Don't Be Fooled by Appearances

By the end of the day, after downing an iced coffee that delivered an electrifying jolt of caffeine and listening to Earl Scruggs playing the banjo at breakneck speed, I finally managed to accomplish a decent day’s work.

It made me feel feverish and slightly insane, though.

In a couple of hours B and I are meeting up with some friends to go hear local hotshot/sexpot Storm Large and her band. Other than earplugs, I have no idea what I’ll wear.


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