Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bloody Butcher

One day soon, I will have enough time to write a real blog entry, but in lieu of that here is a photo of my formerly grass- and weed-choked tomato beds, also known as our front yard.

Grass = Weed

I took a break from the grindstone and weeded today (not sure if that really qualifies as "a break").

Ta da!

'Bloody Butcher' tomato

Then I planted five tomato plants. Featured above is the Bloody Butcher tomato plant. Yes, that is its actual name, and, yes, I only bought it so I could go around telling everyone about its gruesome name. And, one last final, yes, I am still using the dumb useless-ass tomato cages that don't do a ding-dong thing (really) to keep a sprawling and frowsy tomato plant upright.

The other four tomato varieties I planted were, if you must know, Arkansas Traveler, Moskovich, Taxi Yellow, and Sungold.

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