Monday, May 21, 2007


I finished up the last of a super-intense work project on Friday and then spent much of the weekend showing an out-of-town friend around Portland, which, while very enjoyable, wasn’t exactly relaxing. “Me time” has been in very, very short supply for the past month, so I gave myself the day off today. I found myself extremely reluctant to attend to anything seeming to have even the faintest whiff of work to it. Therefore, I did not handwash the sweaters that need to be handwashed. I did not fill out a FedEx slip that needs filling out. I did not file away the stack of invoices and paid bills on top of my filing cabinet that needs filing away. And I am not at this very moment roaming the aisles of a grocery store even though we rather desperately need some groceries (especially cat food).

I did, however, meet up with the lovely and talented LeLo, who luckily had time in her schedule for dessert and a nice long chat. We each ate one of these!


Here’s what mine looked like after I dug into it with my shifty fork.* It’s like the Earth! The “crust” is an envelope of dark chocolate; the mantle is some kind of mousse; the outer core is molten caramel; and the inner core is salted almonds. If only Earth were really made out of these ingredients instead of boring and inedible stuff like silicon, nickel, and iron. World hunger would be solved!

*A shifty fork is the kind of fork that you’d use to skewer a gherkin, an olive, a radish rose, or any other thing you might find on an old-skool relish tray. My brother coined the shify fork term when he was about five, when relish trays were a standard feature of every meal my mom served to "company." No one—not even my brother—knows exactly what’s so shifty about it.

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