Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Novelty Has Worn Off

Day 358/366: Close-up of Demure Snow Lady

This is possibly the most elegant and serene snow person I've ever seen. All this snow* doesn't seem to bother her one little bit. I have to say that for me the novelty has officially worn off.

I am supposed to be flying to Chicago tomorrow. My flight leaves at about 11:30 AM, but I am going to have to leave the house at about 8:00 AM to make sure I get to the airport in time. Normally, the airport is a 10-minute drive from our house. However, I'm going to have to take public transportation there because our car is sealed into the garage by snow, we don't have a snow shovel, and even if we did I really don't think it's safe to drive. Normally I'd be fine with taking public transportation. There's a bus stop right around the corner that goes straight to a MAX station that goes straight to the airport. However, the bus I'd normally take isn't running and the train I'd normally take isn't running either, so I have to have to take a circuitous route on two unfamiliar bus routes and then get on the train way the hell out at a different transit center. And who knows if the buses will even show up?

Also, who knows if after all that slogging around from pillar to post in the unshoveled snow with a heavy bag slung over my shoulder my flight will be leaving at all? I could well get to the airport and find that in the interim between leaving my house and finally arriving at the airport my flight has been canceled. The weather is supposed to be shite tomorrow both here** and in Chicago.***

Grouse, grumble, gripe, whine, and whinge!

*Fourteen to sixteen inches in my neighborhood.
**Snow and freezing rain.
***Snow, freezing rain, sleet, and wind chill dipping to minus 10 Fahrenheit.

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