Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Pepsi Guy

More videos of Portlanders dancing. Can you believe it? The dancing in these videos doesn't really count as spontaneous dancing cuz it happened at a concert in a park, where dancing is to be expected. Still. There is some pretty awesome stuff going on, I must admit. The guy closest to the stage in the dark green shorts is the person you should be focusing on and is deserving of some kind of major award. He has some unique moves and he never stopped dancing (OK maybe he wasn't dancing during intermission, but other than that). Nonstop dancing for, like, 1.5 hours. And...he never put down that Big Gulp Pepsi either. Talented.

This next video is much shorter. The cinematography at the very beginning is not great (sorry!), but keep your eyes on the right side of the frame and you will be rewarded. (You'll also be able to see that the Pepsi Guy is still there right in front of the stage dancing tirelessly--I was not lying about him!)

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