Monday, September 06, 2004

Am I Turning into My Mom?

My mom was an eccentric. This was never more apparent to me than when I was a teenager. One of the eccentricities that most pained me was the fact that Mom bought all her clothes at garage sales. As a semi-fashion-conscious teenager I was mortified when she would flourish in my face a designer tunic, shawl, or other item of offbeat garb she’d gotten for 10 cents. I’d then get irked when she’d wig out about the price tags on (new) clothes I wanted to buy. I’d fume, “You have no idea what clothes cost these days!” and march off to my room in a snit to brood on my misfortune.

Today I am pretty much fashion semi-unconscious, and I can now go my mom one better. Forget paying 10 cents for a sweater or a sundress. I must get my clothes for free. I have only just now discovered what a tremendous fashion and financial coup I scored at the Naked Lady party last week with a pair of Juicy Couture Jeans. This brand name meant nothing to me when I picked the jeans up off the floor. I had not an inking that the price of these jeans starts around $130 and that these are the jeans made famous by J.Lo’s ass as well as the lesser asses of Ms. Britney Spears and Mrs. Tori Spelling. I am in questionable company for sure!

But I must admit this: I love these jeans! They fit (OK they are a wee bit too big) and are incredibly comfortable. And as mentioned in an earlier post, they have finally vaulted me (fashionably speaking) into the current century, which I can see now is a good thing. My glee is only slightly tarnished by finding out that I am wearing almost the largest size that they make (equivalent to about an 8-10 in the real world). I’m guessing, then, that J.Lo must get hers custom-made?


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