Monday, May 30, 2005

Been There, Done That?

Kismet tagged me for a meme a while back that I’m just now getting to. I’m supposed to list 10 things I’ve done. In coming up with the list, I realized just how unremarkable my life thus far has been. I’m just not one of those people that falls off the Matterhorn and lives to tell the tale or lifts a five-ton truck to free a child pinned beneath. Anyway, I feel compelled to do something to make the list more interesting for everyone, so I’m making it a contest. I’m slipping in two things that I haven’t actually done, and your job is to guess which two I’m bluffing about.

Just leave your two guesses in the comments section. I’ll send some artisan chocolate from renowned Portland chocolatier Moonstruck* to the first persons to guess each of them. If by chance one person gets both of them, then there will be only one prize. That’s the breaks. And, yes, I am prepared to ship internationally.

Things I May or May Not Have Done

Driven (and crashed) a Checker cab

Gotten kicked out of a guitar store for playing “Stairway to Heaven”

Won a blue ribbon at the Illinois State Fair

Fed my entire family spaghetti made with mushrooms I found in our backyard

Published a book about tarantulas

Refused a marriage proposal

Had a chat with Shelley Winters

Quit a job after I had a dream that told me I should

Deterred would-be assassins from taking a pot shot at a U.S. president

Eaten pig's blood

Ponder carefully! I’m off to the coast for a semi-spontaneous, much-needed, cheapie hiking vacation for a few days, while I wait for Snafu Incorporated to sort themselves out so I can get back to work. I’ll be back on Thursday evening at which time I’ll announce the winners.

*Moonstruck was the official chocolatier to the 77th Annual Academy Awards. Pretty Swank-y. Heh, heh!!!


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