Saturday, November 25, 2006


I’ve somehow acquired a bunch of crafty friends. And by crafty I don’t mean sly and conniving. I mean they make stuff. Cool stuff, not pipe cleaner-based monstrosities like these.

Anyway, one of these crafty friends has invited me to her annual handmade gift party. I went last year, and it was a lot of fun. Everyone brings something handmade and then, after eating a lot of food* and drinking a lot of wine, we do the exchange. Last year my contribution was a small charcoal drawing that was, indeed, handmade but by someone other than me. It was the least cool thing there, and I resolved that this year I would make something myself.

Thus, I found myself in a Michaels craft store today. The last time I was in one (years ago) it was all styrofoam balls, googly eyes, felt, glitter, glue sticks, popsicle sticks, and gold spray paint. They still have all that stuff and more. It's a fairly appalling place. I got a headache almost immediately upon entering, brought on by bushels of cinnamon-scented pinecones, fluorescent lighting, and tinny music box Christmas carols being broadcast at top volume. After less than a minute, B told me he’d wait in the car and vamoosed. Wise decision.

Anyway, after much wandering, I found what I was looking for: mini magnets, clear half-marbles, and this special kind of ultratoxic glue. I’m using these items to make some refrigerator magnets like these. I think they should be well within the limited range of my crafting abilities—albeit a little bit fiddly. All I need to do is page through magazines looking for itsy-bitsy drawings or photos, cut them out (the fiddly bit), and then try not to glue any digits together while sticking the pictures to the marble-magnet thing.

I’m reserving tomorrow afternoon (forecast to be windy and rainy) for experimentation. I’ll post photos of the results in tomorrow's post. Either they’ll come out beautiful and I’ll be tremendously pleased with myself or they’ll be a total farking disaster and we can all laugh our asses off.

*Last year someone brought hash brownies! Nonadventuress that I am, I didn’t try them.

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