Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do You Think Like a Perv?

Which of these photos in my Flickr photostream would you guess has attracted the most attention from pervs/fetishists?

Is it these muddy, muddy, muddy female mud wrestlers?
Wrasslin' Pit #1

Is it this photo of a teddy bear spanking a doll?
Infamous Spanking Scene

Is it Amy Sedaris demonstrating proper pantyhose-donning technique?

Is it this malevolent Humpty Dumpty?
Humpty Dumpty

What about these African penis pots?
Penis Pots

Maybe this photo of my feet sporting some sloppily applied scarlet toenail polish?
Not So Pretty

Or perhaps this photo of a phony horse’s ass, complete with ersatz dung lying nearby?
Horse Dung and Cow Pies

So whaddya think? Which has the highest perv quotient? Stay tuned!
LeLo, no fair blabbing the answer!


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