Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Under the Fremont Bridge

Under the Fremont Bridge
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The city of Portland stores a whole bunch of crap under and in the near vicinity of the Fremont Bridge. I’m guessing not too many people know that. Here’s some of it.

Dumpster Convention

Derelict Truck

Since I’m strangely drawn to dereliction, I couldn’t stop snapping photos of the beat-up stuff, like this dilapidated yet genteel building “teetering between salvation and the wrecking ball,” as Laura O. Foster describes it in her book Portland Hill Walks.

Derelict Building

North Portland is gentrifying so fast, I find it unnerving. Somehow it seems like a relief to see buildings and land that the developers haven’t yet gotten their greasy paws on.

I just have no interest in any of the upscale boutiques springing up all over North Mississippi, like the place that sells framed drawings of those legless Fisher Price people—for 300 bucks. But I love places like the lightbulb shop, the Rebuilding Center, and Gravy. And so once again, I must concede that I’m conflicted and hypocritical about gentrification.


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