Monday, March 05, 2007

Deranged and Prolonged Sugar Binge

Cinnamon Swirl Toast
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I’ve become somewhat addicted to toast made with Bainbridge Island Cinnamon Swirl bread, baked right here in Portland by our very own Franz Bakery. Generally speaking, Franz bread isn’t the best bread to be had in Portland, but I like to buy it A) because it’s local and B) because of the gigantic revolving loaf of (premium!) white bread on its roof. I think it glows in the dark, too. If Franz were ever to go out of business and dismantle that loaf, I’d hate to feel like I was in any way responsible because I failed to buy Franz bread when I had the chance.

But this Cinnamon Swirl stuff is actually really good, especially if it is toasted and if you don’t stint on the butter (I would never do that). It’s the perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner if you’re stuck inside on a bleak February day in Portland, working away at your computer and watching wintry mix pelt the windows.

I doubt Cinnamon Swirl toast has much nutritional value, although it may have a teensy bit more value than the brownies I baked two weeks ago, the 1/2 gallon of Limited Edition Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie ice cream I bought last week, or the Toll House cookies I actually took time out of my work day to bake today. Yes. I am on a raging sugar binge. For some reason, I’m not too interested in eating anything unless it’s sweet. I haven’t been overeating. If anything, I’ve been undereating—doing things like having a brownie or a bowl of ice cream (or a piece of Cinnamon Swirl toast) for dinner. Really bad and yucky. It’s unlike me, as I don’t normally have much of a sweet tooth.

Maybe it’s because I don’t like the fruit that is available in winter (bananas, apples, pears; I like oranges but I hate peeling them, so I end up not eating them), and I’m craving something sweet? I bought some grapes and a couple of honey tangerines yesterday, but my heart wasn’t in it. I’ll have to force myself to eat them. And I don’t see that happening until all those Toll House cookies are dispatched.

It might also be somehow related to the fact that the amount of exercise I’ve gotten over the past three weeks has been almost nil. I realize that, along with the sugar craving, I’ve been craving moss, lichen, and tall trees—AKA a walk in the woods! So, yesterday, my friend Dr. T and I headed over to Forest Park for a hike. It was just the tonic we both needed, but it was pretty darn muddy.

Festival of Mud

I can attest that it was not quite as bad as walking through six miles of Scottish bog. However, each boot probably has half a pound of mud caked on it. I’ve not yet worked up the courage to remove my boots from the plastic bags I stowed them in after the hike.

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