Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Moss Mania

I’ve been giving my mania for moss and mossy things full rein lately. A crisis may be imminent. What do you think?

Surprise! I Have Moss Instead of Hair!

This actually represents the marriage of two of my manias: moss and ridiculous anthropomorphization (if that’s a word). That’s golden club moss standing in for the little guy's hair. Factoid: Dinosaurs ate this stuff for breakfast.

And I saw this on a hike in Forest Park on Sunday. Very Blair Witch-like and right here in Portland, too. Shiver!!!!

The Stumps Have Eyes

The Stumps Have Eyes!

Of course, there was nothing but moss, lichens, and ferns on the trails I hiked at the Oregon Coast last week. As part of my pact with myself to take it slow and easy, I found myself taking note, more than usual, of the rustic benches that show up—sometimes in the weirdest and most remote places—here and there on the trails.

Here’s my favorite.

Rustic Bench in the Woods

Now, I wouldn’t want to sit on that thing (rising damp, you know), but I love the way it looks. Note the whopper specimens of shelf fungus growing out of it! And I love the fact that some trail maintenance person decided to make furniture out of a fallen tree. Why ever not? It sure beats schlepping a prefab bench up the trail.

So all of a sudden, I’m totally into trail benches even though, in the recent past, I scoffed at them and the idea that someone could be so wiped out after a short incline or (sometimes) no incline at all that he/she would need to collapse onto a bench. (How typically intolerant of me.)

Maybe I still do think that a little bit, but I must say I have come to appreciate the charms of these benches.

Here’s another supercool one, located near Upper Kentucky Falls.

Flintstone Sofa Near Upper Kentucky Falls

Didn’t it once belong to Fred and Wilma Flintstone? I seem to recall seeing it in their rumpus room. And guess what? I actually sat on this one for a while and enjoyed the view (and ate some chocolate-covered peanuts [if you must know]).

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