Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Laming Out With a List

My sister was in town for a visit last week, hence the silencio on the blog. I packed as much fun stuff into her visit as I possibly could, making full use of each day and every last photon of daylight.

Seven things we did (in random order).

1. Ate Voodoo Doughnuts and drank Stumptown coffee.

2. Got temporarily lost and befuddled on sand dunes.

3. Snorted and giggled and made immature remarks when we encountered these things. Two questions: 1) What do they remind you of? 2) Do you know what, in reality, they are? Place your educated or wild guesses in the comments.

4. Escaped the heat by spending the afternoon of the 4th of July at Forest Park.

5. Continued to escape the heat by decamping to the Coast for a few days.

6. Picked five pounds of blueberries and then took an evening stroll on Sauvie Island.

7. Bought superfantastic and amazingly flattering and comfortable one-size-really-does-fit-all snap and wrap skirts. Perhaps I will write an ode to my snap and wrap skirt at some point that will more thoroughly express my love for it and my conviction that every woman should own one.

There’s so much more, but B tells me it’s time to start watching Season 2 of “Extras” and drink beer.



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