Monday, November 12, 2007

Oops, I Did it Again!

Peppermint Sundae on a Stick
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I have no willpower when it comes to the Fat Boy. Look at the sepia-tone packaging! Plus, peppermint ice cream? My favorite! On a stick? How convenient for tidy mid-afternoon snacking at the keyboard. Plus, what a brutally honest brand name for an ice cream manufacturer. Full marks!

I fell under Fat Boy's spell last year, too. That was when I first became aware of the Fat Boy brand. I bought these. I'm a nog fan from way back, and apparently I was so taken with the idea of the nog sandwiches that I didn't even notice the peppermint sundaes on a stick right next to them in my grocer's freezer. But you know what? Those nog sandwiches were tasty.

I did try to resist the Fat Boy this year. Last week, I placed a box of the sundaes on a stick in my cart, talked myself out of them, and put them back. Then talked myself back into them, then put them back for good, telling myself that if by next week (that is, this week) I still wanted them, I'd go ahead and get them.

This week there was no dithering. I didn't even look at the ingredients on the back of the box as I usually do. That is, I didn't until I got home and was putting them in the freezer. Oy! It could be worse, but there's way more numbered dyes than I'd like to see (including the ultratoxic-sounding red lake #40--red lake?). However, to counterbalance that there's a folksy little history blurb on the back of the box about the making of the first Fat Boy on a Stick by a man named Casper back in 1925. People loved the Fat Boys so much that Casper just had to go into business as a manufacturer of ice-cream novelties. It was preordained.

Looks like Fat Boy is pretty much a legend in Utah. Writermama and Tinarama, am I right?

I'll leave you with this piece of surprisingly good advice excerpted from the Fat Boy philosophy (which, by the way, is written in verse!):

"Winning is giving one hundred percent
It's paying your dues, your taxes, your rent
It's trying and doing, not crying and stewing."

Da-da, da-da, dah...dah!

I think I especially need to heed that bit about stewing.

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