Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Victory Lap

Measure 49 passed! And it passed by a healthy margin--61% to 39%.

I'm thrilled and hugely relieved. It feels to me like a triumph of common sense and concern for the environment over greed and short-sightedness. When was the last time you saw that happen? Oregon's farms, forests, and waterways are safe--for now--from massive and inappropriate development.

This was really, really important to me, and it goes a long way in restoring my faith in people (at least in Oregonians). Some 10,000 ordinary people across the state volunteered their time to work to get this measure passed. And another thing: The measure didn't have whacking great infusions of cash from business interests or large corporations. Most of its support was very grassroots. I find that tremendously heartening. It gives me hope that in the election next November we'll see a sea change in the direction this country has been heading for the past eight years.

Anyway, I've made another 30-second video with all-new images to celebrate the fact that Oregon has been saved from destruction--a sort of victory lap. It's fun to make this things, but this will probably be the last one I do for a while and the last of the politico blogging as well (whew!). By the way, this video has even more zonked-out effects* than the last one!

*Just so you know, I have no real control over the effects or the editing of these ANIMOTO videos; it's all done automatically by a computer that apparently really goes for the gusto when it comes to slicing, dicing, swirling, and twirling the images. It also seems to be a fan of the Rubik's cube.

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