Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lipid Overload

What is it?
Originally uploaded by Rozanne.
Instead of going out to celebrate B's birthday tonight,* I stayed home to make this strange-looking concoction. What is it? The batter (or frosting?) for a "mountainous" Lady Baltimore Cake? Fluffer-Nutter for a crowd? Curdled eggnog?

Have a closer look, and gaze into the abyss (if you dare). That distinctly pinkish hue is probably what's throwing you off. What we have here is Amy Sedaris's Lil Smokey Cheese Ball. There's nothing "Lil" about it, let me tell you. She recommends that you chill the protoball overnight and then form it into a ball the next morning. I decided I'd give myself a head start by mooshing it into a sort of centralized glob before sticking it in the fridge to chill.

That centralized glob is about the size of a softball--a sixteen incher! I guess I'm going to have to split it into two before I take it to the holiday party it's destined for. What, I wonder, happens to guests who show up at the door with two cheeseballs? Does a hostess even really want a single cheeseball entering her house? Myself, I'm fond of cheeseballs, but I spread a bit of this stuff on a couple of crackers and, glurg, I'm feeling a bit woozy--no doubt because the (not at all) Lil Smokey recipe calls for 2 cups of grated smoked gouda, a full pound of cream cheese, and a stick of butter. What was I thinking making something with that much fat in it? I did use Neufchatel (1/3 less fat) instead of regular cream cheese, but still...lipid overload!

*B woke up with a terrible sore throat this morning, so his birthday dinner is being postponed.



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