Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wintry Mix Deluxe

Ferns, Firs, and Fog
Originally uploaded by Rozanne.
I've decided that it is imperative that I get out for a walk every day from now on. I've been slacking off big time when it comes to exercise and fresh air and I'm really starting to feel rather crappy and unhealthy. B and I were just about to head out a few minutes ago when the skies started dumping quantities of Wintry Mix, nay, Wintry Mix Deluxe (rain, snow, and hail--a dollar extra per pound) down on our little corner of Portland.

We got out yesterday and hiked through Forest Park in the rain and fog. (See, we are true Portlanders.) Love it, love it, LOVE IT--even though my rainpants got splattered up to the thigh with mud and my hiking boots now look like freshly dipped boot-shaped chocolates. I kept going on and on about how very similar the atmosphere was to Lord of the Rings (LOTR, pronounced "loater") and Middle Earth and all that Tolkien stuff. At some point the friend we were hiking with pointed out that she owns all the LOTR DVDs and that, really, most of the action does not take place in forests that look like this, this, or even this.

It didn't? I have to admit that I only ever saw the first Loater movie and we fast-forwarded through much of it, but I had the impression that it was all ferns and fog. Seems like it should have been.

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