Sunday, March 09, 2008

Jesus H. Christ on a Bike

Jesus H. Christ on a Bike

Poor Jesus. The chain on his bike went all wonky and he was forced to ride/limp up and down our block again and again this morning, hoping a miracle would occur and the chain would slip back onto the freewheel without his having to get his hands all greasy.

Meanwhile, his friend (disciple?) stood in the driveway and talked obliviously on a cell phone, leaving Jesus to struggle, struggle, struggle! I, of course, being a bad neighbor/bad Samaritan didn't go out to assist either. I just ran for my camera and took stealth photos from my dining room!

OK. So maybe the guy isn't Jesus. But you have to admit, he looks a heck of a lot like him--beard, long hair, sandals (OK--flip-flops)!

In fact, all the guys who live in the rental house across the street are kind of Jesus-y looking, with the exception of the guy who periodically stands on the porch smoking and doing various isometric exercises of his own devising. The hamstring stretch in which he flings one leg over the porch railing and then leans forward is one of his faves (possibly because it keeps his hands free for smoking), but I've seen sidebends and arm circles and various other ingenious combos. I actually love it that he exercises right on the front porch like that!

I'm not really sure how many people live in the house--as many as 10, possibly. There seems to be a rotating roster of these beard-and-ponytail guys (plus a girlfriend). But do they all live there or do some of them just come and go? Take the smoker/exerciser guy. I won't see him for months and then all of a sudden, there he is: smokin' and stretchin' and sometimes even talkin' on the phone, too. A true multitasker.

I've never met a single one of these beard-and-ponytail guys in person. They always seem to be outside when I'm inside or vice versa. I'm sure they're very nice, though, and I'm totally going to go introduce myself to them one of these days.

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