Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Chill East Wind

This is the 24th day in a row I've gotten my butt outside and taken a walk and the 24th day in a row I've posted a Project 365/366 photo. I've been loving doing both, but, boy-howdy, was it cold and windy today. Just the sort of weather I thought I'd gotten shut of by moving away from Chicago.

There were tons of great photo opps today, but it was murder having to take off my gloves and handle that metal camera in the wind. I suffer for my art. Yeah, right.

It's been interesting to see what each day will yield. Some days I'm not really thrilled with any of the photos I take; other days I end up with several that I quite like. Then I have trouble making a decision about which one is going to be the official photo of the day.

Today, was one of those days. I couldn't decide between the bubblewrap jellyfish lanterns and this rusted Medusa with her beer can boobs. I finally went with the jellyfish since they were being buffeted around by the chill east wind just like I was today. Plus, will they look as compelling the next time I'm out if the wind isn't blowing and the sky isn't so vividly blue? Will they even still be there in a few weeks or will the elements have shredded them or will neighborhood toughs have stolen them?

Yes, I know I am taking this project just a smidge too seriously.



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