Thursday, January 17, 2008


The weirdest birdbath ever!
Originally uploaded by marstinia.
If you were shopping for a birdbath, would you ever in a jillion years buy this one? It's horrifying. Look at the simpering expression on that thing's face. B says that it looks like he's "cutting farts." I say it looks like he's doing a half-assed version of the yoga pose navasana.
That elf isn't using its abs at all!

My sister, who took this photo and who deserves full marks for documenting such an abomination (located in Chicago, if you must know), states that if she were a bird she wouldn't go near it. Excellent advice.

Who designs things like this and who on Earth buys them? I ran across a similarly twee totebag today. It's a few notches down on the kooky scale from the birdbath, but still. Hang Ten!



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