Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Bad Sign?

Day 114/366: D'oh!

I saw this as I trudged through the rain and wind to sign some papers for my new contract job yesterday. Could it be some kind of portent of doom or metaphor for what this job is going to be like?

I do not consider myself to be a very good negotiator and I don't get to practice my negotiation skills very often--usually my clients just say something to the effect of: "This is what we're paying for the project; take it or leave it." Sometimes I do ask for a bit more money, but usually the fee is either fine with me or just so ridiculously low that I know there's no point in asking for double or triple what is being offered and I just turn down the job.

Without going into all the tedious details, I am still feeling good about taking on this job, despite the fact that there were a few uncomfortable moments in which I raised some questions that resulted in the contract having to go back to HR to have a new paragraph inserted. I somehow stuck to my guns instead of just caving and letting it go. Then I had to make a split-second decision about whether the new language addressed my concerns. I decided it did and signed on the dotted line, only to come home and wonder if I'd basically screwed myself over.

After waking up in the wee hours and lying awake for the past hour or so (it's now 5:00 AM), I've decided that I am not screwed. In fact, I think I somewhat inadvertently built in some good scheduling flexibility for myself and the client and added an option that will allow me to make additional money on this project (if I want to work extra hours). So it's all good. At least that is the light in which I am choosing to view it.

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