Sunday, May 18, 2008


Day 138/366: Is it the Heat?

It's Day 138 of Project 365, and I am finally desperate enough to resort to a photo of our cat, Rusty. It was so hot yesterday (mid-90s), I didn't get out to take my photo walk until about 8:00 PM, by which time it wasn't really light enough for photos. Earlier in the day, I'd snapped this shot of Rusty, all overheated and splayed out on the carpet under my desk (why he chose a carpet instead of the cooler wood floor I can't fathom). The photo was very underexposed, so I clicked the "Enhance" option on iPhoto (that's as much retouching as my lazy ass is willing to do), and for some reason it turned the carpet B&W and gave Rusty this sort of subdued antiquey colorized look. I quite like it!

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