Monday, January 19, 2009

Shamrock Suit

Time for another fashion flashback! I have so much fun giggling and guffawing while re-creating the appalling fashion faux pas of my youth and--despite my rubbish drawing skills--I have to admit that the outfits are pretty authentically rendered. Don't believe me? Compare my drawing of the psychedelic jumpsuit with this photo of the real thing. I just happened to find the photo when I was visiting my dad over Christmas, and I was quite surprised at how accurately I'd recalled the whole Peter Maxishness of it all, drawing only from memory.

Moving forward a few years, here I am sporting a belted pantsuit. Aren't you green with envy?

Shamrock Suit

What kind of an eleven-year-old owns and wears something like this? And wears it with a smile on her face? Answer: The kind of eleven-year-old I was. As I recall (and my memory may be faulty), one of my aunts gave me this pantsuit. Maybe she was trying to point me toward a career as a girl scout leader, I don't know, but I remember first thinking it was hideous, but then gradually growing to like it. I believe I even wore this to school, but maybe I only wore it on special occasions (like St. Patrick's Day). NB: I never did own any curly-toed slippers like this, but I couldn't resist adding them in when I was drawing this. That's the kind of thing that, as an "artist," I can get away with doing.

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