Monday, December 06, 2004

Objects and Conditions in Existence Today That Were Not in Existence When Last I Blogged

Catherine Wheel Snowflake
Originally uploaded by Rozanne.
  • A coppery hat knit by my very own self
  • A glut of lactic acid in my glutes
  • An appreciation of The Ramones
  • A dime-sized blister on my right palm
  • A lawn with 86 tulip and daffodil bulbs plugged into it

I'll leave you to infer if there is any sort of cause-and-effect relationship among any of the above.

I am quite proud of that copper hat, I have to say. It is Knovice Knitting Project Number #2 (Knovice Knitting Project Number #1 was a scarf). Given that somewhere in my father's house an embryonic crocheted floppy hat that I started in 7th grade is still waiting to be finished, the copper hat's completion is significant.

My weekend was fairly productive. But today I was a model of inefficiency. I found all sorts of fascinating ways to squander time. Blogs, of course, are always excellent detours, and today, courtesy of Anomalous Noodge, I found not one but two things that were far more fun than attending to paying work. I made the snowflake pictured above by going here. I know it looks like a Catherine Wheel. I had no idea how to control the demonic virtual scissors, and they went ahead and fashioned a replica of a medieval instrument of torture. Not my fault. Once I figured out (sort of) how to use the scissors, I made this more orthodox flake.

I also went to a rather clairvoyant site and was informed that I am "a biased bitch who loves to conquer mufflers." Rather more accurate than not I'd say--Knovice Knitting Project #3, currently under way, is a muffler.


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Mmmm, glutes.


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